Boa Hold


Holds Tight and Won't Let Go!

This versatile polyurethane filler meets any project specifications while providing durability, flexibility, and strength for a successful outcome. Whether a large commercial project or a small residential one, Boa Hold offers easy application and long-lasting performance, making it the perfect choice for any construction professional.

Leave Concrete in the Dust!

Boa Hold Post Anchor does the work of concrete without the mess. Why? Because it requires NO water! Which means it’s not only simple to use, but easier to work with!

Superior Structural Strength

Don’t let it’s light weight fool you. Boa Hold packs a punch. One bag of Boa Hold Post Anchor replaces 50 lbs of concrete. Not only that, but it sets as fast as 3 minutes!

#1 - Mix

Use "Shoe Shine" technique to mix liquids for 30 seconds.


#2 - Pour

Cut a hold and use our special "Spout" to pour around post.


#3 - You're Set!

Boa hold will expand for 2-3 minutes and harden in just 7 minutes!

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